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Adotic is a leading display advertising network. Offering CPM/CPC ads to publishers and Leads to advertisers. Primary target countries are United States, France, Some of Europe, India and China. Advertisers can create campaign online and make it live in seconds. Geo targeting, timing and other specification can be used in campaigns.

Publishers:  sell their inventory on highest price in CPM market. Their publishers are enjoying rich features like getting paid twice a month through PayPal, Wire, NEFT, Cheque & Western Union, 100% International fill ratio, 24×7 dedicated support, lowest minimum payout amount, Easy-Tags for simple code insertion, Detailed reports & 10% referral lifetime bonus from other users.

Advertisers:  are enabled to take stronger control on their campaigns by targeting countries, timeframe, choosing right presentation and selecting the model that works best. Their CPC/CPM advertising network gives advertisers the best for minimum investment giving them the highest ROI possible. Their advertisers can choose to advertise in any specific country e.g. USA, Canada, UK, Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand etc. or the whole world. It’s the most cost effective and it enables you to choose from CPC or CPM models to begin your online advertising campaigns.

Adotic Ad Network Details

Minimum Threshold: $20.00 for check / PayPal and $50.00 for NEFT / Western Union / Wire Transfer.
Payment Frequency: Twice monthly
Payment Method: Paypal,Check, NEFT, Western Union, Wire Transfer
Based Country: India
Contact: Telephone:
Email: info@adotic .com
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